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US Air Force
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Comlab designed and built a complete Miniature Test Radar (MTR) for use by the NATO Maintenance & Supply Agency (NAMSA) to exercise their Radar Test Set in their Luxemburg laboratory. The MTR can also be used for in-house training of new personnel.



US Air Force





Comlab supplied a completed Miniature Test Radar (MTR) for use by the 84th Radar Evaluation Squadron (84 RADES) at Hill AFB. The MTR allows USAF to check the performance of their Radar Test Set in the lab while providing easy access to a real radar for training & test purposes.






Defence R&D Canada



Defence R&D Canada (DRDC) awarded Comlab several contracts to test its sophisticated radar systems and to analyse their possible use in specific combat environments.

Comlab has, for example, done research work on a radar system capable of tracking rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) launched at military armoured vehicles. The system had to detect the position, trajectory and velocity of RPGs within a few milliseconds, and send this information to the appropriate counter-measure system.

Comlab also built a radar prototype, equipped with a pseudo Synthetic Aperture Radar (pseudo-SAR) Phased Array Antenna, in order to sense humans through walls. Doppler processing allowed detection of persons moving in different rooms with ultra high resolution. Another prototype was built to map, with high precision, the walls, furniture and other static objects in buildings using conventional SAR processing.



Canadian Space Agency




The Canadian Space Agency (CSA), in its search for innovative technologies to use in autonomous space vehicles, awarded Comlab a contract to build a Phased Array Antenna and a Radar guidance system. Prototype hardware was tested on-board underground mining vehicles.


Canadian Coast Guard



The Transport Development Centre awarded Comlab a contract to modify an existing commercial radar to allow reception of cross-polarized signals. Cross-polarized reception allows better detection of differences in sea-ice for Canadian Coast Guard ships that must travel through ice-locked regions during winter months.






Bombardier Transportation granted Comlab a contract to design and build a high-speed 23 GHz microwave data transmission system for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. The system is used to transmit digital audio signals and other information from fixed installations in Boston's subway stations to the trains.


Comlab designed, built and tested a miniature radar IF printed circuit board for use in Amphitech's helicopter-based Obstacle Warning System used to alert pilots of hazards such as towers, wires, terrain and buildings. Other hardware is being developed for a small-size Surface Search Radar.





Comlab participated in the design of a complete line of telecommunications-training equipment for Lab-Volt. These trainers, which include Analog communication, Digital communication, Microwave, Antenna, Radar and Telephony systems have won numerous awards and recognitions worldwide during the past 20 years.








Comlab performed a series of EMC tests at diverse locations on the Pierre-Laporte bridge. The aim was to ensure that sensitive electronic and communications systems would not be affected by nearby high-voltage transmission lines and diesel-electric locomotives.







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