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Broadcast / Telecom Products


Digital TV Transmitter - TVTX
The Scientel Digital TV transmitter is an 8-VSB professional VHF exciter designed to be used in stand-alone applications or as a driver for higher power amplifier stages. The transmitter is highly reliable, using only passive cooling and including RF output self-monitoring functions. Remote Control/Monitoring can be accessed through a 50-pin CHAMP® connector fully compatible with Davicom MAC units. Two units can be connected together in a master/slave configuration for backup transmitter operation.
General Specifications
Transmitter Specifications
Compliant to ATSC A53/B
Frequency range: VHF 50-220 MHz
TS options: ASI and/or SMPTE-310M
Rated output power: 5W Avg. 8-VSB
Linear and non linear pre-correction
Pilot carrier phase noise: < -108 dBc/Hz
LCD front panel control and monitoring
MER > 30 dB
USB port for modulator control and tuning
BER < 2x10-9
10 MHz External Reference input for precise clock synchr.
Primary power: 100-240 VAC, 1 A
RF and IF monitoring outputs
Operating temperature: 0°C to +45°C
Overload/High VSWR protection
GPS input (10 MHz): BNC 50 Ohms
Local/Remote Control & Monitoring
RF output: Type N
SMPTE-310M/TS input management
ASI input: BNC 50 Ohms
ASI input management
SMPTE input: BNC 50 Ohms
Virtual channel tables (VCT) management
RF/IF monitor outputs: BNC 50 Ohms
Automatic/smart input switching
Remote interface: CHAMP® 50 pins
Rack space: 7"H x 15"D x 19"W (4U)
(18cm H x 38cm D x 48.3cm W)
Weight: 23 lbs (10.5kg)
See more about Broadcast Products at Davicom's Web Site.

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