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CL 6300


The CL 6300 Radio Operation and Maintenance Trainer can accomplish two different functions. It can be used to practice standard radio operation procedures and/or to test and troubleshoot electronic radio circuits using a multimeter and oscilloscope.


The Model CL 6300 is a real two-channel FM transceiver. It allows trainees to select the proper channel to either communicate on two different radio networks (operational and administrative) or on two different frequencies (primary and alternate). Trainees can familiarize themselves with network hierarchies, call signs, network control protocols, and practice the phonetic alphabet (Alpha-Bravo-Charlie) as well as standard radio phraseology (Roger out, Say again).


The Model CL 6300 casing has a removable top panel, which gives full access to modular plug in circuit cards which can be configured for AM or FM radio troubleshooting. Instructors can replace functional cards with different versions of pre-faulted cards. The faulted components are real components that have been purposely damaged, and in no way do they appear different from the other fully functional components.


The Model CL 6300 uses a PTT microphone and headset to interface audio into and out of the unit. The audio input plug is compatible with the injection of audio from an external source. The analog meter included on the front panel indicates RF power, audio modulation level and receive signal strength.
The chassis can accept six circuit cards for the FM band, or four circuit cards for the AM band. The trainer includes eight functional circuit cards, and each card can be ordered with a selection of faulted components, allowing for different difficulty levels:


  • AM & FM Power Supply
  • AM & FM Audio
  • AM Power Amplifier
  • FM Power Amplifier
  • AM Generator
  • FM Generator
  • FM RF Source
  • FM IF


Download product datasheet: CL 6300.pdf

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