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LV 8096-40


The LV 8096-40 Radar Active Target Add-On is used in conjunction with the LV 8096-10 Basic Radar (or the LV 8095-10), the LV 8096-20 Radar Processor/Dislay (or the LV 8095-20) and the LV 8096-30 Radar Tracking System Add-On (or the LV 8095-30) in order to provide training in the principles and scenarios of Electronic Warfare (EW). This is a truly unique system that provides real-time, safe, and unclassified EW demonstrations. The jamming pod is a Self-Screening Jammer (SSJ) target that can perform direct or modulated noise jamming as well as repeater jamming. The type of jamming and jamming parameters can be set remotely in order to introduce EW situations that necessitate a response using an appropriate Electronic Counter Counter Measure (ECCM).


Download system datasheet: LV 8096


 Download product brochure: LV 8095-40.pdf (same as LV 8096-40)

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