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LV 8085


Digital communications principles relating to pulse modulation (PAM/PWM/PPM), digital modulation (PCM/DPCM/DM), modems and data transmission (ASK/FSK/BPSK), and other important concepts like sampling, compression laws, quantization noise, band limiting effects, etc. are just a few of the many topics covered by Lab-Volt's Digital Communications Training System. Subjects covered in the advanced digital system include time division multiplexing/demultiplexing, T1(PCM-24) and CEPT(PCM-30), clock recovery, as well as line coding and decoding.

The instructional modules in the Lab-Volt Digital Communications training system offer practical, hands-on laboratory experiences, and provide opportunities for experimentation that ensures effective teaching and training. Functional block diagrams silk-screened on the module front panels enhance student understanding of the communications system being implemented, and allow a systems approach to be promoted. Correlated courseware provides hands-on exercises in the generation, transmission, and reception of PAM, PWM/PPM, PCM, DPCM, DM, ASK, FSK, and BPSK signals. Each instructional module incorporates fault insertion capabilities and access to circuit test points and signals is assured through front-panel test busses.


Download product datasheet: LV 8085.pdf

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